• A special place where you and I become “us”
    "DearU is a company that puts user communication as our top priority.
    Creating culture through the value of communication.

    We create opportunities from user communication and lead trends by attempting new things.
    DearU hopes that the value of communication is spread throughout the world."
  • Special private messages between you and your favorite artist,
    Moments of excitement that follow a message from your favorite artist
    As an app that allows you to share messages back and forth with the actual artist, bubble provides bubble-exclusive artist content.
  • The No. 1 smart karaoke enjoyed by all,
    Show off your singing whenever and wherever!
    As a smart karaoke that can be enjoyed by all, everysing provides a feature that creates your own perfect recorded song, not to mention being able to enjoy singing a fantastic duo with an artist.
  • A community made by us, just for us,
    Share your favorite content with the smart messenger
    As a community based on your interests, Lysn allows you to meet people with the same interests as you without having to input sensitive personal information. Use our automatic multi-language translation feature to meet friends all over the world who share the same interests as you.
  • 03
    Change in the company name, everysing, Inc. -> DearU, Inc.
  • 02
    Launch of “DearU bubble,” a private messaging service
  • 01
    Launch of “Lysn,” an SM Fan club community
  • 01
    Change in CEO, Ahn Jong-oh
  • 03
    Merger with Brinicle, Inc. (A capital increase of 1.85 billion KRW)
  • 09
    5 billion KRW AVEX investment (A capital increase of 500 million KRW)
  • 07
    Establishment of the corporation (Capitol of 6 billion KRW)
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